Costco by the Numbers: 22 Surprising Stats (2024)

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Costco by the Numbers: 22 Surprising Stats (1)

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Costco by the Numbers: 22 Surprising Stats (2)

Retail Detail

Costco is the nation's third-largest retailerin market share, behind Walmart and Amazon according to the National Retail Federation. The company's net sales topped a whopping $140 billion in 2021, up 15.8% from the year before. But those aren't the only impressive numbers associated with everybody's favorite warehouse club. From rotisserie chickens to giant stuffed bears, there are plenty of eye-popping facts and figures about Costco.

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Costco by the Numbers: 22 Surprising Stats (3)

838: Costco Stores Worldwide

This includes578 locations in the United States and Puerto Rico,107in Canada,40 in Mexico,29in the United Kingdom, and31in Japan. There's even a Costco in Iceland; 1 in 8 Icelanderssigned up for membership before it even opened its doors, according to Quartz.

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Costco by the Numbers: 22 Surprising Stats (4)

116.6 Million: Cardholders

Most cardholders in this May figure are basic Gold Card members, paying $60 a year. Executive members — around 22% of Costco's paid cardholdersas of spring of 2021 — pay $120 and can get a 2% reward on certain purchases up to $1,000 a year.

Want to become a Costco member? You canapply here.

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Costco by the Numbers: 22 Surprising Stats (6)

146,000 Square Feet: Size of Average Store

The average Costco warehouse store is comparable in footprint to a city block in Manhattan. The smallest Costco is 80,000 square feet, and the largest is 230,000 — all figures that have risen from just a few years ago. Costco's stores are almost 10% larger on averagethan those of its major rival, Sam's Club.

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Costco by the Numbers: 22 Surprising Stats (7)

288,000: Full- and Part-Time Employees

By all accounts, Costco employees — including more than 156,000 full-time U.S. workers — are a happy bunch: Turnover rate is only 6% to 7% for employees of over a year, according to Barron's; it's more like 60% for retail overall, according to the National Retail Foundation.

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Costco by the Numbers: 22 Surprising Stats (8)

4,000: Products at a Typical Costco

This might sound like a lot, but consider this: The average Walmart Supercenter usually carries around 120,000 products, according to Slate.

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Costco by the Numbers: 22 Surprising Stats (11)

101 Million: Rotisserie Chickens Sold Annually

The 3-pound birds are fully cooked and seasoned, and they sell for just $5 — cheaper than at most supermarkets. Costco loses money by keeping the price so low, but its overall revenue has surgedright along with chicken sales, the company's top executive, W. Craig Jelinek, said at a virtual shareholder meeting last January.

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Costco by the Numbers: 22 Surprising Stats (12)

122 Million: Hot Dogs Sold Annually

Costco has kept the price of a hot dog and soda at $1.50 since the mid-1980s, which may be why it's selling so many. Jelinek says his predecessor as CEO threatened to kill himif he raised the price.

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Costco by the Numbers: 22 Surprising Stats (13)

$125,000: Average Household Income of Members

Costco shoppers are much wealthier than the typical big-box-store customer. Household income for the average Walmart shopper is $80,000, according to some accounting and compared with $65,00 for Target.

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Costco by the Numbers: 22 Surprising Stats (14)

$17: Minimum Hourly Wage of Employees

Costco's lowest wage jumped in October, though employee longevity means the average worker takes home $24 hourly, the company says. In comparison, Walmart's says some workers still start at $13.

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Costco by the Numbers: 22 Surprising Stats (15)

31: Percentage of Kirkland Products

A few years ago it was known that one-fifth of the warehouse club's stores are turned over to its private Kirkland Signature label, but the products account for 31% of total salesas of 2021. One of the top sellers is toilet paper: Costco sells more than 1 billion rolls of it annually.

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Costco by the Numbers: 22 Surprising Stats (16)

13: Times Inventory Turns Over Annually

Turnover means there are always new products for members to browse, even if they go in monthly, and it's up at Costcofrom the 12-time annual turnover of the past few years. It also means Costco doesn't have to rely on its own capitalto finance inventory, The Motley Fool points out.

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Costco by the Numbers: 22 Surprising Stats (17)

$329,999.99: Price of Most Expensive Diamond Ring

This Size 7 platinum band available on Costco.comin August features a near-colorless 6.55-carat round diamond, according to the International Gemological Institute.

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Costco by the Numbers: 22 Surprising Stats (18)

$25 Million: How Much Costco Owes Tiffany & Co.

Speaking of rings, this is how much a U.S. district court judge ruled Costco owed Tiffany & Co. for describing some of its rings using the Tiffany name. Costco has argued it was using the term generically, but saw the initial ruling rise from a $19.4 million pain to $25 million in 2019.

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Costco by the Numbers: 22 Surprising Stats (19)

3,000: Car Dealerships Costco Partners With

Costco sold689,000cars— new and pre-owned — through its no-haggle auto-buying program in 2020, ranking it alongside the top dealership groups in the nation.

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Costco by the Numbers: 22 Surprising Stats (20)

75: Percent of 'Trigger' Purchases

Costco classifies certain products as "triggers" — that is, items members buy repeatedly and use every day, including paper towels and light bulbs. They are positioned strategically around the store in hopes customers will make impulse buyson the way to finding them.

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Costco by the Numbers: 22 Surprising Stats (21)

90: Days to Return Electronics

Televisions, major appliances including freezers and dishwashers, and the like get a limited time to come back if they don't work out. For almost everything else, Costco has one of the most generous return policiesin the retail world: a full refund at any time.

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Costco by the Numbers: 22 Surprising Stats (22)

88: Percent of Employees With Health Benefits

In addition to health benefits, many employees are eligible for a 401(k) match, dependent care assistance, a counseling program, short- and long-term disability, life insurance, employee stock purchasing, and a health-care reimbursem*nt account.

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Costco by the Numbers: 22 Surprising Stats (23)

615: Costco Gas Stations

While cost varies significantly by location, gas is typically 6 to 12 cents cheapera gallon if members fill up at Costco stations, compared with competitors.

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Costco by the Numbers: 22 Surprising Stats (24)

600: Truckload Deliveries Eliminated Annually

By changing the shape of its Kirkland Signature cashew containers to square from round some years back, the warehouse club could fit 432 jars on a pallet, up from 288.

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Costco by the Numbers: 22 Surprising Stats (25)

93: Inches In Height of Infamous Giant Teddy Bear

This plush show-stopper weighs 48.5 pounds, or around as much as an average 6-year-old boy. (And is sometimes out of stock, despite being a kind of consumer sensation.) For shoppers who don't have the space for the extra-large version, Costco also sellsa 53-inch bear and a 25-inch bear.

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Costco by the Numbers: 22 Surprising Stats (26)

50: Percent Ecommerce Sales Jumped During the Pandemic

While the company says its core business model depends on getting shoppers inside its bricks-and-mortar warehouses, it does sell online — and a predictable surge accelerated those online sales during the coronavirus pandemic. Online sales grew 50%in the fiscal year in which COVID forced the world inside, compared with 8% the year before, Digital Commerce 360 reports.

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Costco by the Numbers: 22 Surprising Stats (2024)


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