Off to NYC? Here's where to stay (2024)

Off to NYC? Here's where to stay (1)

Travel season is upon us, but with a metropolis like New York City, the logistics can be daunting. The Big Apple is home to some 700 hotels alone. So, where does one stay in NYC for the ultimate stay?


  • Waldorf Astoria
  • Moxy Williamsburg
  • Ritz-Carlton Central Park
  • 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge
  • Four Seasons Downtown
  • Ace Hotel
  • The Jane Hotel
  • Chelsea Hotel
  • The Knickerbocker

The best NYC hotels excel in a few important departments. They are ideally situated and offer unmatched amenities. They tend to involve cool architecture and aesthetics, ranging from iconic and bold to chic and new. And they often have great in-house bonuses, like stellar bars and restaurants.

Stay anywhere in NYC, and you’ll find fun things to do. But you want the ultimate trip, and that’s what this feature is all about. Here they are, the best hotels in NYC.


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Waldorf Astoria

Off to NYC? Here's where to stay (2)

While the Waldorf Astoria has undergone some changes over the years, it remains a standout hotel in NYC. Part of a recent sale has converted upper rooms into residences, but plenty of hotel rooms will still exist, teeming with elegant charm. Set to reopen in 2025, this one will be worth the wait. The renderings exude pure class, and the location is ideal, with great landmarks nearby, such as the art deco masterpiece, the Chrysler Building, Grand Central Station, and Rockefeller Center.

Moxy Williamsburg

Off to NYC? Here's where to stay (3)

There are Moxy options throughout NYC, but we like the energy of this bustling Brooklyn neighborhood. The 216-room boutique hotel features a playful vibe and amazing in-house culinary options. The bar program is top-notch, and the Israeli food at Mesiba is remarkable. There’s even a rooftop perch with views of the Williamsburg Bridge. The rooms are reasonably priced, given the area, and the modern touches, plus floor-to-ceiling windows, make for an excellent visit.

Ritz-Carlton Central Park

Off to NYC? Here's where to stay (4)

This five-star wonder set right against Central Park is NYC luxury to the fullest. The Ritz has it all, from the prime midtown location and delicious bites at Contour to a world-class spa and townhouse-inspired suites with every creature comfort imaginable. Sip a Manhattan from the bar, explore the park just paces away, or simply melt in to the inviting confines of the hotel and its signature hospitality.

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Off to NYC? Here's where to stay (5)

Set right on the waterfront, this hotel lives up to its name. With sweeping views of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge and skyline beyond, the setting is hard to beat. Gaze at the East River as you dine on locally sourced grub at Harriet’s Rooftop. Get a glass of wine and an appetizer at The Osprey, and be sure to take advantage of the rooftop pool and abundant wellness experiences. Sustainability is at the forefront of this delightful hotel, with beautiful rooms made of reclaimed wood and steel and responsibly sourced linens.

Four Seasons Downtown

Off to NYC? Here's where to stay (6)

There’s nothing quite like a Four Seasons hotel. Simply put, the service is so good that the staff practically predicts your every need. The esteemed chain’s downtown location is no exception, nestled in the heart of Tribeca. Hungry? Dine at CUT by Wolfgang Puck, the standout hotel restaurant. Need an outing? Get lost in the nearby West Village. Want to splurge? Charter a private sailboat and explore the city’s way of water with a glass of Champagne in hand.

Ace Hotel

Off to NYC? Here's where to stay (7)

If you prefer hip, it’s hard to best the details and feel at Ace Hotel. The prices are friendly, the rooms are small but thoughtfully put together, and the Midtown location is fantastic. Visitors can get lost in nearby Koreatown or peep architectural landmarks like the Empire State Building and Flatiron Building in the flesh. You’re almost certainly going to be sharing the hotel with creative types, and that energy alone is stimulating, on top of the already stimulating nature of NYC. Check out the work of the hotel’s artist-in-residences and dine at the contemporary French restaurant Koloman. The curated minibar is a nice touch, and if you’re traveling with friends and feeling nostalgic, you can opt for a bunk bed.

The Jane Hotel

Off to NYC? Here's where to stay (8)

We love this historic, pink-tinged hotel in the West Village. The Jane features simple but welcoming accommodations in a building that dates back to 1908. The lobby looks like something out of a Wes Anderson movie, and the classic decor evokes a NYC of more than a century ago. Be sure to stroll over to the Whitney Museum of American Art and take in some exquisite Italian at Sant Ambroeus. Back at the hotel, grab a drink at the rooftop bar and terrace.

Chelsea Hotel

Off to NYC? Here's where to stay (9)

Stay with the ghosts of famous rock stars and writers at the Chelsea Hotel. The beautifully appointed spot was once home to everybody from Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix to Patti Smith. The bar, El Quijote, features red jacket-clad bartenders and spectacular co*cktails, while the penthouse level spa touts a private terrace garden and soaking pools. Take in the incredible flooring and marble bathrooms and wander around the grounds like a resident artist, soaking up inspiration around every corner. Outside the hotel doors, there’s plenty to do, but you’ll be hard-pressed to leave this legendary outpost.

The Knickerbocker

Off to NYC? Here's where to stay (10)

If Times Square is your destination, do it in style with The Knickerbocker. This is a great spot if you plan to catch a Broadway show, as the hotel is right in the mix on West 42nd and Broadway. Dine like a sophisticate at Charlie Palmer Steak IV or grab a beverage on the St. Cloud Rooftop. The rooms are all about colossal spacing, with raised ceilings, massive windows, and views of both Bryant Park and the glow of the city. Cool factoid: The place was built by John Jacob Astor and opened in 1906.

Headed to NYC? Check out our features on the best steakhouses in NYC and the best ten NYC splurge restaurants. Ride the subway, explore the many boroughs, and have a blast.

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Off to NYC? Here's where to stay (2024)


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